Submit FSS Facility Holiday Hours

Submit a ticket for your facility holiday hours to include the following:

  • List each day/date of closure/hours separately

  • Specify for each day if the facility is "Closed" or include the revised/reduced operating hours (example: Open 9 am - 12 pm)

  • Do not forget to specify the reason: USAFE family days, UK holidays, US holidays, etc.

  • Example of three requirements listed above:
    - Friday, Jan. 1 / Closed / USAFE family day
    - Saturday, Jan. 2 / 9 am - 3 pm / reduced hours
    - Sunday, Jan. 3 / Closed
    - Monday, Jan. 4 / Open 9 am - 3 pm / US holiday
    - Tuesday, Jan. 5 / Resume normal hours of operations


Two sets of graphics/images are always created:

  • A design for individual facilities to include door/poster signs & social media
  • A design for us to post on our 100 FSS Facebook page to include all FSS facility's holiday hours in one image

    Refer to the attachments for examples of the official command-approved holiday hours graphics/signs.


There are no restrictions on how far in advance to submit holiday hours. Tickets must be approved by the facility's flight chief & facility manager prior to submitting the ticket.

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